ERG Arabia

We’re executing one of the largest exploration programmes in modern mining history in Saudi Arabia, enabled by advanced technologies and highly-skilled people.

Who We Are

ERG Arabia is a subsidiary of Eurasian Resources Group, a leading diversified natural resources group, known for their commitment to sustainability, tech innovation and talent development.


What We Do

We are building the mining industry of the future, characterised by the usage of state-of-the-art exploration technology and continuous innovation. To promote ongoing evolution, we are working closely with decision-makers, governments and research institutions to elevate the region as global mining and technology pioneers, essential in the world’s transition to a sustainable green energy future.

The world’s first Mining Technology Intelligence Hub

We’re investing heavily on state-of-the-art exploration technology that will propel geology and mining advancements starting right here, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are making an upfront investment of over $50 million to build a local ecosystem that will accelerate R&D, minimize environmental impact and optimize early exploration efforts.

We are already collaborating closely with local universities and research centres, to build the world’s first Mining Technology Intelligence Hub - our efforts aligning closely with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.